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‘Customer Satisfaction’ and Criminal Justice within Black and Minority Ethnic Communities in the North-East of England

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Criminal Justice and `Customer Satisfaction' within Black and Minority Ethnic Communities in the North-East of England: funded by the Northumbria Criminal Justice Board/Criminal Justice System Race Unit Challenge Fund: £11,175.00: January to November 2007.  This research developed a contextual and qualitative understanding of `customer satisfaction' within BME communities in the north east of England by firstly, examining the relationship between the lived experiences of BME encounters and interactions with criminal justice services, and expressions of satisfaction (and dissatisfaction) with service delivery and provision.  Secondly, the research positioned the concept of `satisfaction’ within an emotional repertoire of criminal justice service quality and use, used this positioning to examine how satisfaction relates to other feelings such as trust, confidence, anger and frustration.  The research made use of a participatory action research (PAR) approach in which members of BME communities acted as co-researchers and co-analysts of the study.  The research findings are used as a resource for the Northumbria Criminal Justice Board (Northumbria CJB) to develop strategies which address the `satisfaction gap', and to improve engagement with BME communities.  In particular, the study has considered the potential transferability to the Northumbria CJB of a PAR model of co-inquiry, and makes suggestions concerning its value and utility to improving and developing Northumbria CJB consultative mechanisms and methods of public engagement with BME (and other) communities.

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